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Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer

Breast cancer is a prevalent disease that is currently curable in a significant percentage of cases. It is important to familiarize yourself with the methods for detecting and diagnosing the disease, the tools for evaluating the degree of risk of its recurrence and the tools for customizing treatment at all stages of the disease.
Oncotest-Teva offers a set of tests to guide treatment depending upon the biological characteristics at all stages of the disease:
* In most cases, breast cancer is discovered at an early stage. At this stage, tests are used to ascertain and customize the most effective drug treatment.
* In instances when the cancer is at a more advanced stage, tests are essential in order to guide the treatment options, to customize biological therapy and to monitor the efficacy of the biological therapy.
* In many instances, the onset of the disease is linked to inherited gene mutations. In order to clarify whether the disease developed due to an inherited predisposition, genetic testing is important in order to identify the genetic mutation.

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