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Colon Cancer
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Informing Treatment Decisions

The receipt of the diagnosis of colon cancer may cause severe distress, but it is important to gather as much information as possible in order to determine the treatment plan that is suitable for you. Because colon cancer is unique to every patient, your doctor will plan out the treatment for you based on the specific characteristics of your tumor. In order to help your physician better understand your cancer, many factors have to be assessed. These factors include:

  •  Whether there is lymph node involvement
  • The grade of the tumor
  • T stage
  • MMR
  • The presence or absence of intestinal perforations and obstructions.
  • Whether there is invasion of the lymphatic or vascular system

The Colon Cancer Test Oncotype DX® test for colon cancer gives information on the unique characteristics of your tumor, which are not received from the evaluation of the other factors as above. The test measures the activity of 12 different genes whose combined analysis provides quantitative information on the likelihood for recurrence of cancer.

As of today, getting as much information as possible on your specific colon cancer can help you and your treatment team develop a treatment plan that is based on greater information that has been matched to you personally, in order to treat the specific characteristics of your tumor.

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