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Колоректальный рак
Колоректальный рак


1. Kerr D, et al. A quantitative multigene RT-PCR assay for prediction of recurrence in stage II colon cancer: selection of the genes in four large studies and results of the independent, prospectively designed QUASAR validation study. J Clin Oncol. 2009;27(15S)(suppl). Abstract 4000.

2. Venook A, Niedzwiecki D, Lopatin M, et al. Cancer and Leukemia Group B. Validation of a 12-gene colon cancer recurrence score (RS) in patients (pts) with stage II colon cancer (CC) from CALGB 9581. American Society of Clinical Oncology; June 2011; Chicago, IL.

3. O’Connell MJ, Yothers G, Lee M, et al. Validation of the 12-gene colon cancer Recurrence Score in NSABP C-07 as a predictor of recurrence in stage II and III colon cancer patients treated with 5FU/LV and 5FU/LV + oxaliplatin. 2012 American Society of Clinical Oncology, Abstract 3512.

4. Gray RG, Quirke P, Handley K, et al. Validation study of a quantitative multigene reverse transcriptase–polymerase chain reaction assay for assessment of recurrence risk in patients with stage II colon cancer. J Clin Oncol. 2011; doi:1

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